Application AIM

Posted: 06-06-2012 - 19:47. || Modified: 08-08-2019 - 20:43

Application AIM

6 June 2012

After our return to England, half April, we have received application forms from Africa Inland Mission (AIM). On the forms we apply for a membership of AIM. After having shared information this is the logical next step when we wish to go into mission with AIM.

After having given the above a lot of thinking, prayer and consultation we have decided to apply for AIM´s membership. So now we have to take the first step to fill in the (rather extensive) application forms.

We have started filling in the forms right away, but Jurgen does not have enough time to do this at the moment. He is at the end of his third trimester of Bible School and the assignments take a lot of effort and engagement. We hope to finish the application forms this month and send them in. Representatives of AIM will contact us to let us know what else is required of us.

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