The baby is born! (February 2011)

The baby is born! (February 2011)

24-02-2011 - 15:30

Finally the baby has arrived! We had to wait a long time, but on Monday the 21st of February Dani was born in hospital. His weight was 3430 grams and his length 49 cm. Both Dani and Katja are doing fine. Sofar Dani is a happy baby who hardly cries.

The older children are very happy with their new brother. They think it is a pity that Dani sleeps a lot since they love to have him on their lap. Dani gets lots of kisses and hugs from his sisters and brother.

After the leave there lies 1 month of work ahead, until the end of July 2011. In August we hope to make the last preparations for our move to England, planned in September.

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