Certificate Awarded

Posted: 18-07-2012 - 20:26. || Modified: 08-08-2019 - 20:32

Certificate Awarded

18 July 2012

On 30th June Jurgen was awarded his certificate in ‘Theology and Ministry’ from the Trinity School of Ministry in Rugby. We went to Rugby as a family for a very enjoyable day. Students gave their testimonies about their study experience and there was a meal after the official part of the day.

Sadly, the bible school was not able to offer Jurgen and the other students from his year the diploma level. Government rules and a shortage of students were the main problems. Although this is a regretful circumstance we are in no way sorry that Jurgen has studied at this school over the last year. He, but also we as a family, have been enriched en strengthened in our faith and in our longing to serve the Lord on the missionfield.

The official transcript is still to follow, but we can proudly say Jurgens overall grade is above average.

At the moment we rejoice in the fact that Jurgen has more time for family life and leisure activities, but he hopes to take up studying at diploma level at a different school shortly.

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