Curriculum for the kids (April 2011)

Posted: 24-04-2011 - 15:36. || Modified: 05-08-2019 - 08:47

Curriculum for the kids (April 2011)

Our choice for homeschooling means that the responsibility for the curriculum lies with us as parents. This raises important questions relating to the overall issue of what to equip the children with towards adulthood. We have studied many possibilities.

We think it is important that the children become familiarized with the Dutch language. That’s why we won’t just offer them Dutch as part of their program, but Math, Handwriting and History will also be offered in the Dutch language.

We are glad to have found a good homeschooling curriculum on the internet. We hope to buy materials from Sonlight, a homeschooling company with an international focus. Since 1990 Sonlight has been offering homeschool programs and they have won many awards.

We feel confident that we can make homeschooling a succes through the use of both the Dutch materials and the international curriculum.

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