Logistic puzzle (July 2011)

Posted: 24-07-2011 - 15:51. || Modified: 05-08-2019 - 08:47

Logistic puzzle (July 2011)

The date of our arrival in England is nearing rapidly. Jurgen is kept busy by the logistic puzzle involved. To sell two Dutch cars and buy an English car may seem an easy and straightforward job, but really … it is not. And how do you get 6 people across the canal with some furniture? What to do with that lovely larder and library cupboard? Apart from the logistic problems emotions are involved.

We are happy to receive help from family members and friends in Holland. We have a home front committee with two members especially appointed to help us in our logistic struggles.

So far we have worked out that we will move the furniture we will not need in England to the balcony of our church on Saturday the 3rd of September and on the 5th of September we hope to move ourselves and some smaller things to the United Kingdom.

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