The Last Trimester

Posted: 20-04-2012 - 19:42. || Modified: 08-08-2019 - 19:46

The Last Trimester

April 20th, 2012

We just spent the Easter Holiday in the Netherlands. It was good to meet with family and friends there and to smell the sea again. Apart from taking a break, we have made some progress towards the mission field.

In the Netherlands we have had a first official interview with representatives of AIM (Africa Inland Mission). It was a good and fruitful conversation. We will be sent the application papers for a membership of AIM shortly.

Jurgen has started his last trimester at the Trinity School of Theology. He is studying the modules ‘The Development of Christian Faith in History’ and ‘Introduction to Religious Diversity’. Jurgen is quite thrilled with these modules since they are so relevant to our longing to serve the Lord abroad.

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