Mission organisation: AIM? (July 2010)

Posted: 24-07-2010 - 15:17. || Modified: 05-08-2019 - 08:47

Mission organisation: AIM? (July 2010)

Over the last years we have studied many many mission organisations in many many ways, amongst which:

–  looking up information on the internet;
– watching video presentations;
– participating in a mission weekend;
– conversations with (former) missionaries;
– visits to a mission exhibition;
– interviews with mission organisations and
– reading books.

You can imagine that we have received much information and that we need time to contemplate what to do. However, there is one organisation that has drawn our special attention. That organisation is the African Inland Mission (AIM). AIM workers serve amongst foremost tribal African peoples. We are in contact with AIM to receive more information hoping to find out wether cooperation is possible.

For now the contacts will be via email since the nearest office to us is in England.

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