Back to the Netherlands

Back to the Netherlands

21-08-2012 - 20:07

21 August 2012

There is an important change ahead: after having lived in England for 13 months we will return to Holland. We had not expected to go back so soon, but our financial situation has urged us to go this autumn.

Since Jurgen will continue his studies by distance learning, we no longer need to live in England. Over the last year the euro has dropped considerably, so our money is worth a lot less in pounds. Our housing costs have also increased, which prompted us to think hard about finances. Finally we have come to the conclusion it is no longer wise to stay.

We hope to go back on October 3rd. We will then live in a small holiday cottage that belongs to Katja’s mother. After that we will return to Den Helder, from where we moved here a year ago. Missionary friends have offered us to use their house while they are away on a 5 month mission trip. They hope to return in the spring of 2013, by which time we hope to know when we will step out into mission ourselves.

We look forward to seeing our family and friends in Holland again, but we will certainly miss the many friends we have made here. We count ourselves rich to have been embraced by the people we have met in school, church and in so many other places.

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