Preparation children (July 2011)

Preparation children (July 2011)

05-07-2011 - 08:49

It is preparation time for the children. On the 22nd of July they will say their good bye’s in their primary school. We try to make it a positive experience for them with treats and such. Vanya, Issa and Abbey will give of have already given a good bye party.

The children are actively involved in the process of moving to England. They are included in some decisions (regarding what to do with this or that thing / toy etc.) and they help us clear things, pack and shove boxes.

We try to mentor the children emotionally as good as we can. We use the help of others and of special talk and do book about moving to another country.

The move comes with double feelings: on the one hand they are excited on the other sad to miss friends.

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