Full Throttle Ahead (January 2012)

Posted: 28-01-2012 - 17:30. || Modified: 30-11-2019 - 12:30

Full Throttle Ahead (January 2012)

January 28, 2012

It is now the end of January, and the second trimester in University has started 2 weeks ago. Jurgen has two new subjects: ‘Studying the New Testament’ and ‘Evangelism Into the Future’. The first trimester has been a time of intense study, but this trimester wil probably ask even more of his capabilities and time. Not only are 2 written assignments required, there are also 4 placements to be completed. Happily Jurgen had made much progress in his first assignment. With the experience from the first trimester he now knows better what is expected of him.

The children’s home education goes well. After one trimester it is easier for Katja to plan the days and the appropriate amount of work. She has changed the schedule to meet the children’s needs of more time to play (all), more time for individual instruction (Issa) and more time with mommy (Abbey). The good thing is that both Vanya and Issa say they like being taught at home. They enjoy learning. What else could we wish for?

Now that learning has had it’s attention, it is time to press on towards discovering God’s will for our lives. At the beginning of February Jurgen hopes to attend a one day seminar of ‘Africa Inland Mission’ (AIM). He expects to get some answers to questions about the organisation, aswell as an idea whether or not the possibility of joining AIM needs to be further investigated. To be continued…

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