Tickets Booked!

Posted: 22-12-2020 - 16:22. || Modified: 19-07-2022 - 08:11

Tickets Booked!

When can we go?

We had hoped that Madagascar’s airspace would reopen so that we could go back in the normal way. However it became clear to us that this probably will not happen any time soon. Then we’ve looked at the northern island of Nosy Be. Tourism is still allowed there. That would have been a possibility, but it was clearly stated that tourists from so-called "second wave" countries would not be allowed in. As you might understand it is extremely frustrating at times to see an opening, and then it is not really open after all.

Tickets are Booked!

Yep, you’ve read it correctly! We have booked the tickets for our return to Madagascar. Africa Inland Mission has good links with humanitarian organisations. One organisation flies on a weekly basis to Madagascar with relief aid. AIM has asked whether we can fly back to Madagascar with them. That was not a problem at all!

Yes! The relief flights depart from South Africa to Madagascar. So, after receiving confirmation, we still had to see how to get there. We were able to book a flight with KLM. At KLM, we get a discount, because we are once again booked in as humanitarian workers.


We hope to depart from Schiphol on January 8. It is a direct flight to Johannesburg where we will arrive at 22:05 in the evening. Then we have enough time to collect all our suitcases and sleep for a few more hours before we travel on January 9 at 09:00 to Madagascar.


We are so happy we can go home! However, we are now facing additional costs. Despite the fact that we can fly with discounts, we are still at least 3000 Euro short. Yet we believe that we should not let this deter us. We have confidence that this gap will also be closed. The work we are allowed to do on Madagascar would never have been possible without you and many others. We would like to ask you to alongside us in prayer but also financially. Every gift is welcome and every gift is valuable! You will find more information about support at the bottom on this page.

Nervously Exciting

Given the increasing unrest regarding all measures, we find it very exciting. For the time being, we do not expect flights to South Africa to be cancelled (but that we live in a crazy time does not need an explanation). We want to trust the Lord in everything. But we too are sometimes disappointed. Our courage sometimes sinks in our shoes. Feelings sometimes fly in all directions, but it is precisely in those moments that we hold more tightly to God’s word: Psalm 55:23 “Cast your care upon the Lord, and He will sustain you” We greatly appreciate your prayer.

Finally, we wish you a very blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2021! Will we together look forward to the work the Lord will do in 2021? 1 Thessalonians 5:24 “He [God] who calls you is faithful, and keeps his promise.”

Please pray for us and with us.

We are grateful because:

  1. We serve a great God;
  2. we were able to book;
  3. we know we are supported a lot by a large constituency.

Pray for that

  1. nothing interferes;
  2. our friends in Madagascar;
  3. we may continue to trust in the Lord in everything;
  4. the financial situation;
  5. all preparations before our departure;
  6. peace!!

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3 years ago

So happy for you! We keep praying that all will work to plan…