Why Mission Matters

Why Mission Matters

19-06-2014 - 20:03

Next year we hope to move to the south of Madagascar to serve the Bara. The Bara are an unreached people group. Unreached people groups lack enough followers of Christ and resources to evangelise their own people. We are more than willing to be part of the Bara being reached. But why?

For a Christian this may be an easy question. If you believe that Jesus – in dying on the cross and rising from death – has won over evil, you can’t help but share this with others. News like that must be told! But suppose you are not a Christian: why bother to support missionary work at all?

We are convinced that, when preaching Jesus Christ, many other beautiful things take place also. Not only do the hearers gain the possibility to be restored to a relationship with God through Christ, but changes begin to take place alongside. Sometimes these good things come about directly through the work of missionaries (e.g. schools, hospitals, water supply), but more often people and communities begin to change from within. A Christian does not need to consult the spirits, or fear things new or unknown. He can confidently make plans, assured of God’s protection and care. Investment in missionary work is also an investment in freedom – a precious commodity. Read the full article here.

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