One more time…

One more time…

19-09-2012 - 11:11

Time flies, especially when it is almost time to say goodbye. We have now less than two weeks ahead of us before we return to the Netherlands. It is a time of looking ahead, looking back and goodbyes.

We look forward to spending time with family and friends in Holland. We also long to smell the salty air of the sea, to walk on the dyke and the beach. It will be good to be back, but at the same time we realise things will not be the same as when we left. We are not returning to Holland to stay, it is just a pitstop before we move on to our destination.

Looking back we are enormously thankful to have been in England these past 13 months. We have experienced what it is like to make a fresh start in a different country with a different culture. We have had a taster of living away from loved ones. We feel we leave richer people in many ways. We have gained more trust in the Lord to take care of us when we go to the mission field, as we have experienced his care over the last year. We know God is faithful!

Then goodbyes, certainly not the easiest part. Having become richer means we are leaving behind people who and places that have become very dear to us. So we hope to enjoy every minute of what time rests us here. One more time to the swimming pool, going blackberrying, goodbyes in church, one more meal with friends… thank you all so very much for being part of our lives!

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