AIM Membership

AIM Membership

12-10-2013 - 19:18

On the 8th of this month we went to Nottingham for our final interview with AIM (Africa Inland Mission) regarding our application for membership. We had our interview with the Director of Personnel, his colleague and the Director of AIM Europe. The interview lasted for over 4 hours and we were able to discuss many things, including further steps.

The outcome of the interview is that the interview panel were unanimous in their decision that the Lord has prepared and called us for ministry with AIM to work among Africa’s peoples. The next step is that AIM Europe will prayerfully consider appropriate assignment options for us. We hope to hear back from them soon.

Now that the interview is over, we stay on in England for a while to enjoy some holiday time and to catch up with friends and with people in church. We are enjoying our time in England and the lovely countryside. We hope to go back to Holland with new energy to further prepare ourselves for serving the Lord in Africa.

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