Another Move

Another Move

15-03-2013 - 18:42

It is almost half a year since we left England to return temporarily to the Netherlands. We had hoped to be sent to the mission field this spring, but we have learned this is not so. If we become members of Africa Inland Mission (AIM) and serve on one of their teams, we expect to go to Africa no sooner than in 2014. We have changed our mindset and accepted that we are in Holland for a longer time than anticipated.

A longer stay means we are in need of a long term house. It was very difficult to find a house, but the Lord has provided. Next month we hope to move to the center of Den Helder, the northwest tip of the Netherlands. Jurgen and Issa have already started to build a closet and two desks for the new house.

The past few months have not been easy. There was much uncertainty as to when we would be able to go to Africa, whether we would be allowed to continue home education, and with respect to our new house. We are thankful that these things have all worked out, but we would very much appreciate your prayers for peace in our family. Although we see ourselves grow in the capability of adapting to changing circumstances, it can still feel like tidal waves are coming over us sometimes. That is not a nice feeeling. We won’t give up, but please don’t give up on praying for us either!

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