Thinking Through Madagascar

Thinking Through Madagascar

27-02-2014 - 19:36

We have a lot of contact with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) Europe‘s Personnel Director this month. He is looking for suitable assignments options for us.

Sofar we have discussed and thought through eigth different possibilities in four different countries in AIM’s Southern Region: Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique and Namibia.

Two Projects have drawn our special attention, since it involves working with unreached people groups who are animists. This means they have a strong, life controling belief in spirits who have the power to make them prosper or wither. Ancestral worship is practised and witch doctors are very influential. People live in constant fear.

We would very much like to serve a people with no effective christian witness. Both assignments give us that opportunity. One of the options however no longer exists since the vacancy has already been filled. One options remains, on Madagascar. This seems to be the place for us. In the weeks to come we will examine this further. We much appreciate your prayers on the matter.

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