Jurgen & Katja Hofmann


A missionary does not do the work alone. Support is an absolute necessity. Support can be given by a church, a mission organisation, family and friends. It is very important to have a network of people who want to share in the missionary work. On this page on the left you can find what you can do: pray, encourage and give.

The Bridgnorth Baptist Church is supportive of our future ministry on Madagascar. Together with our sending church in the Netherlands, the 'Ambassade', they pray for us regularly. 

In October 2013 we have become members of Africa Inland Mission (AIM), an organisation with over a 100 years of experience in Africa. They will facilitate the mission work, which means they (help) provide the practical means that enable the missionary to function properly.

You also read our leaflet, with all the important information, in your own time: Download here

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