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We are the Hofmann family: Jurgen & Katja and our 5 children Vanya, Issa, Abbey, Dani and Simeon. Since long we have longed and have received a call to serve as missionaries among unreached people groups. Since we have started to travel along this road it has become clear that we will serve in Madagascar. We have become members of Africa Inland Mission (AIM) in 2013. Under mission you can find out more about what we do on the field.

We (Jurgen & Katja) were married in 1997. Our children were born in 2004 (Vanya), 2006 (Issa), 2008 (Abbey), 2011 (Dani) and 2015 (Simeon) respectively. We enjoy our family life together.

Family Hofmann

Jurgen was trained and has worked as a bread-baker. Through the testimony and efforts of his first employer he has embraced Christ Jesus as his Lord. After our oldest daughter was born he became a homemaker until he started studying Theology & Mission in 2011. He is preparing himself for our missionary work through his studies, reading and various courses. In his spare time he maintains his website on defending the faith.

Katja has helped her mother in her flower shop from a young age. During her Law Study she worked at a bailiff's office. After graduation she became a lawyer in 2002. Since Jurgen started his Theology Study she took his place as a homemaker and started home educating the children, also in preparation for conditions on the mission field. Now, on the field, she is still the children's teacher which gives us great flexibility. She loves being there for her family. As a passtime she enjoys being in the outdoors and reading.

Jurgen's study brought us to England, where we lived in a hamlet near Bridgnorth for a year. We deliberately chose for the opportunity to spend time abroad to see what it would be like to be away from friends and family and to adopt to a different culture. We value our experiences and relations that have enriched us. We are still involved - although distant - in the life of Bridgnorth Baptist Church, who also support our work through prayer. In the Netherlands we are part of an evangelical church, where we have been most active in youth work and preaching.

Early in our marriage we got involved in missionary work. We have supported missionaries and have been on a short mission trip to China in 2001. You can find some photos of that trip on our multimedia page. Since then we have longed to serve the Lord full time. The time just did not seem ripe just then. In 2008 this changed as the Lord began to nudge us towards mission work indepently from another. By now we work and live sinds 2015 on Madagascar. Here we live among the Antanala people.

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